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Shortener is an advanced URL Shortener tool. Which allows you to short long URLs. Users can share links in popular social networks or save links as a QR-Code/Short url. In addition, this application has an admin panel. You can easily customize any part of the application. Also, a flexible and advanced Administrator URL module makes your work easier to control URLs.

Install plugin

Extract the plugin into platform/plugins folder

Active Shortener plugin in plugins area


Setting & Use

Go to Admin -> Setting -> General.


  • The user can create short link from https://domain/shortlink, "domain" is your domain name. For example:
  • You should disable "Allow fetch url data such as title, description ?" option to increase the performance because when this option is enabled, will take a short time to access to the destination url to get some info such as: title, description...
  • You can put your ads code or any code into "Ads code 1" and "Ads code 2". These code will show in redirect page


  • By default, the normal user can create a short link and expired in 7 days


  • Admin panel where admin can create/edit/view all short link and statistic