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List of commands are used in Botble CMS

CMS Install

It's used to install CMS.

php artisan cms:install


Install CMS

Create admin user

It's used to create an admin user.

php artisan cms:user:create


Create User

Then you can go to /admin and login using account johnsmith - 12345678

Publish assets

By default, CMS assets is located in /platform so to make it accessible we have to copy it into /public/vendor/core. To do that, we need to run command:

php artisan cms:publish:assets


Publish assets

Create a package

It's used to create a package. The package created will be located in /platform/packages

php artisan cms:package:create <package>


Create package

Package isn't loaded after created. You need to add it into composer.json and run composer update to add it.

Create a plugin

It's used to create a plugin. The plugin created will be located in /platform/plugins

php artisan cms:plugin:create <plugin>


Create plugin

Activate a plugin

Activate an existed plugin.

php artisan cms:plugin:activate <plugin>


Activate plugin

That command will add that plugin into list activated plugin in table settings, run migrate to update database and clear cache.

Deactivate a plugin

Deactivate an existed plugin.

php artisan cms:plugin:deactivate <plugin>


Deactivate plugin

That command will remove that plugin from list activated plugin in table settings so that plugin won't be loaded and clear cache.

Remove a plugin

Remove an existed plugin.

php artisan cms:plugin:remove <plugin>


Remove plugin

That command will deactivate plugin, remove that plugin's assets, tables...

Theme commands

  • Create a theme. It's used to create a front theme for Botble CMS. The theme created will be located in /platform/themes
php artisan cms:theme:create <theme>
  • To activate a theme
php artisan cms:theme:activate <theme>
  • To remove a theme. You can remove the activated theme, you need to activate another theme to remove it.
php artisan cms:theme:remove <theme>


Theme commands

  • Publish theme's assets
php artisan cms:theme:assets:publish
  • Delete all theme's assets in public/themes/your-theme
php artisan cms:theme:assets:remove
  • Install theme sample data
php artisan cms:theme:install-sample-data

This command is used to import sample data for theme. Before run it, you have to create sample data for your theme in platform/themes/your-theme/data/sample.sql.

Source code:

Theme install sample data

Widget commands

A widget must be go with a theme so that it always located in a theme.

  • Create a widget. The widget created will be located in /platform/themes/your-theme/widgets
php artisan cms:widget:create <widget>

It's auto registered to your website using file registration.php.

  • Remove a widget
php artisan cms:widget:remove <widget>


Widget commands